Money Making Ideas 2018

How To Start A Business?

Let the new year begin with your own business, create your own identity and stand out from the crowd and start up your business. The famous quote: “Easier said than done” do not apply to Supreme Wallet. In fact, it is easier to do than one might think, as you can own your own business with a smart phone and a WIFI. You can easily increase your monthly income, which you might otherwise earn in an entire year, sounds too good to be true? It is not. By downloading Supreme Wallet, you can harness the entire business industry in your pocket and specifically your own application.

How to start online Business?

You can see numerous ads on the applications which you use on regular basis on your smart phones, we at the Supreme Wallet harnessed that idea and created an application which allows you to create your own application and allow the ads to run on them. Who earns the profit from these pop up ads? You do, as being the owner of the application. You don’t have to be software developer to create an application, we have created them for you, which will be explained later in our product descriptions.


1. Top Ad Networks

Once you create your personalized application, you can see it in the Google Play Store. But how do these ads pop up when someone is using your application? We took care of that as well, as we have partnered up with the leading ad agencies such as, ADXMI, AdGate Media, Adscend Media, SuperRewards, Unity Ads and several others. All of these agencies directly allows the ads to pop up on the applications creates using Supreme Wallet and you can simply reap benefits from it.

2. Easy And Fun

Our product such as Reskin enables you customize your applications which can be uploaded by you and download by your users. These applications can be branded according to your needs and requirements from applications which can be downloaded after creating an account on Supreme Wallet. Once you have launched your customized application your users and your self can generate income and revenues and ensure that the purchasing power within your community to increase significantly.

3. Control On Earnings

Another important feature of our application is that you can control the revenues generated by your application, yes you can even decide the profit and revenue ratio which your users and you can generate by clicking or viewing a single ad. This enables you to attract more users to your application and eventually generating more revenues than you previously were.

4. Spin The Wheel

How to keep the users coming back to your application? We have taken care of that as well, we have introduced “Spin the Wheel” in our applications, which intrigues users to stay active on your applications and play the game while they are getting bored or have spare time. When people download your application from google store, they would also be able to use games on them which will allow them to spend their leisure time, and would provide you with additional revenue from the application.

5. Play Game

In addition to the game Spin the Wheel, there is numerous other games such as Flappy Birds, which are integrated into the application. The only difference is that these games can only be played using tokens, which are earned by sharing this application or opening up different pop up ads. This enables you to keep your users interacted with your application and also ensure the inflow of revenues from the advertisements ran on your application.

6. Custom Ads

The ads which run on your application do not necessarily needs to be randomly generated or integrated from our application. You can even customize the ads which are being run on your application in accordance to your choice, which can be in terms of your location, your business or even the type of application you have created using Supreme Wallet. This would enable your users to connect more with the application and would eventually result in more clicks and views on the advertisements instead of randomly generated ads.

Unlimited Possibilities

Bonus Features

With Supreme Wallet you also get bonus features such as gift cards and reward incentives which you can either use your self or distribute it amongst your users to ensure that they remain committed and dedicated to using your own ads. This will attract even more users and can spread the word around the block resulting in more users of your application. You are a smart individual if you are investing in Supreme Wallet, however, if you are able to act smarter with this application you can generate significant amount of profits and users within couple of months.

We take great pride in stating that we at the Supreme Wallet are able to help you take care of any financial burdens you might previously have. Even though, our application is similar to AppNana, Feature points, AppBounty, yet we are quite different from them in terms of pricing and complexity of the application. The revenue streams from Supreme Wallet are directed towards you only and you save thousands of dollars in software development and maintenance as our team handles it for you.

How to Make Money from Apps

How to make Money With this awesum Platform

How to Make Money Online

How to make more money?

As previously mentioned you are in control of the profit ratio, and you get to decide how much will you or your user will make while using your application. You can set the margin of how much the user will earn after completing one set of Ad Network, for example for 300 credits you can pay 1$ to your user and the user will be required to reach a certain amount of credits to withdraw his or her funds from your application. Thus enabling you to be in total control of all the revenues generated and direction of profits from your application. You can now do the math if you even have 1000 users of your application and each one generates a cash inflow of 8$, from which they get 2$ and you getting 6$ from each user, you are able to make 6000$ from a 1000 users alone. Think about the possibilities of profits which you would be able to make by simply sitting back at home and doing nothing at all.

Safe & Secure

Is it safe?

In order to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied and feel secure while using our application, we have invested significant amount of resources and time to ensure your funds remain secure on your application. Furthermore, we have also deployed a team of cyber security which ensures that the operations run over our application and the applications generated by you remain safe and secure from any threat.

We have teams operating at backend for managing the operations and maintenance of all the applications being run on Supreme Wallet. We have installed state of the art security system and also ensured that the users are verified and are not trying to run any scams upon our application. This even allows you to learn the IP addresses and verify the users on your application and even the Unique Devise ID and their Geo-Locations.

How to Start

How to Start Your App Business

Get Started Today!

In order to start making money from our application and through various applications which you might generate from Supreme Wallet, you need to create an account on Supreme Wallet. After that you can setup the ad accounts and incorporate them to your ID to ensure that all the revenues go directly to your account which you can withdraw according to your wish. We provide you with documentation and other services such as reskinning and launch the application for you. The final step in starting your online business is to upload your customized and reskinned application on Google Play Store, for users to download it from their and both you and your users can make revenues from it.

We can even provide you with marketing services or you can simply hire a freelancer which can do it for you. In marketing you need to ASO (Make your application Search Engine Optimized) so that any user while searching finds your application first. A freelancer can even write you blogs and different advertisements which you can publish over internet for the audience to witness and download your app. You can buy ready to upload APK file or acquire source code from us and modify it according to your needs or you can buy a complete package of application and upload it to Google Store.

Video Earning Proof of Admob

How much can you Earn?

We have done thorough research and concluded that last year more than 2 billion users downloaded android applications and trillions of advertisements have been viewed by android users. But the question remains, who profited from all these advertisements? The owner of the applications, and I would like to welcome you join us and become owner of your own successful business. However, following table would enable you to understand how much can you earn in compare to number of users you would have:


S.No No. of Users Revenues on Admob Revenues of Ad Network Net Revenues
1 5000 1000* 500* 1000*
2 10000 10000* 3000* 8000*
3 100000 100000* 30000* 80000*


*The amount demonstrated here is the least which can be earned by the user, and it would vary in accordance the to the profit ratio set by the Owner of the ID of Supreme Wallet and who owns the application. Basically, the amount of profit ratio (which can be set to either 2:1, 4:1 by the owner, discussed under “How to make more money?”) set by the owner decides, how much would he earn.